Léran is a village with about 500 inhabitants, in a rural area, surrounded by agricultural land.  The main street boarded by plane trees and the houses with the old (renovated) facades give the village a typical French feel.  
Léran is the perfect spot to go discover the area by bike, to go for a walk, and to visit the rich history in the area (Cathar castles!)


Lac de Montbel

An artificial lake with a surface of about 550 ha, used for irrigation, but in summer an ideal spot for swimming, canoeing, sailing, fishing etc etc.
The beach by the camp site in Léran, is a nice spot with lots of trees so you can pick your spot, shade or sun?  The bar/restaurant La Régate, is a good place for a simple meal, an ice cream, or a nice cold drink on the terrace.




About a 15min drive from Leran, you will find this lovely village, with a rich historical background.  The cathedral is worth a visit, but do wander around in the center, and look up!  There's plenty of nice details to be discovered!  Monday market is a colourful and inspiring event.
A good choice of bars and restaurants with both traditional French and European food, is a bonus if you're still hesitant to visit. 


This is the last place where the Cathars fought the crusaders.  More than 200people were burnt alive because they didn't want to give up their beliefs.
You can still visit the ruins of the castle, a steep walk from the parking area will take you up there, but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views from the area.  You can see the castle of Roquefixade (also worth a visit), as well as the Pyrenees mountain range.


A 1hr drive will take you to 1 of the best preserved old towns in Europe.  The Carcassonne Cité is on the Unesco World Heritage list, and it attracts over 3million visitors every year!
Inside the city walls, you can visit churches and the cathedral, but just wandering around the narrow streets with shops, bars and restaurants, is also worth while!
If you're in the area on the 14th of July, go see the fireworks, a breathtaking event that attracts thousands of people every year. 


Foix, known for its Medieval castle and museau, is a 25min drive.  It's also the administrative capital of the Ariège department. The Friday morning market is worth a visit, but any day of the week, the city is worth a wander around.
In the Foix area, there's a few interesting caves to visit, for example Labouiche, Mas d'Azil, Lombrives, Niaux.

 Mont d'Olmes

A family friendly ski resort, only 45mins away!  It offers 21 ski slopes, and a handful of lifts.  It's never too busy, so a great place for a day of family fun.
In summer, they offer activities like mountainbiking.



Well known for its taxfree shopping, it's also worth a detour for its lovely views and breathtaking scenery.  If you want to go there in summer, avoid weekends, or go very early!